Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt Wins LARD XI

James 'Frankendart' Hewitt Gets The Most Rendered and Wins The Jocky Award

Horseshoe Inn, Clarkenwell - 18 Feb 2011
Dress: Geeks
Indeed a truly lovely event and my house even survived the after party. Well done Claude.

Big congrats to Galatico for becoming the first man ever to retain Lard, our second 180 ever and solid darts throughout.

A bigger congrats must go the younger brother who, after 2 hours sleep missed a flight he wasn't even booked on, did a runner from a taxi and was 2.5 hours late for a wedding in Scotland. Well worth the trip from Singapore I'm sure his wife will agree.

The scores are in, the calculations completed and i can confirm there is movement in the rankings. Nothing substantial but enough to keep everyone occupied before BC 2011.


Lardydarts rankings

As Lardydarts starts it's world domination i ask you to show support for the movement that has given you such delights as Lard X, BC 2006 and DAM @ the lakeside and show a bit of a love to it's first trip down facebook lane.

Give it a "like" and we' ll take it places. Lardydarts on Facebook. Will be updated regularly.

With all these highlights I'm sure you can't wait until John sends us the details OF BC 2011 where someone will have the opportunity of being the first person to beat The Hero outdoors since 2003 !


Jocky Award Winner: James 'Frankendart' Hewitt

Hot legs Hewitt

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Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

Group Round 1 - Microsoft
Steven 'The Warrior' Waslin
Ed 'Tungsten Fingers' Howarth
Charlie 'Be My Valentine' Ballentine

Group Round 1 - IBM
'The Heatseeker'
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt
Declan 'The Rage' McGill

Group Round 1 - Oracle
Claude 'Ze Frog' Rossi
Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt
Phil 'The Captain' Morgan

Group Round 1 - Intel
Pete 'Splash' Mungeam
'The Hero'
'The Duke'

Quarter Finals
Steven 'The Warrior' Waslin bt 'The Duke'
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt bt Claude 'Ze Frog' Rossi
Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt bt 'The Heatseeker'
Pete 'Splash' Mungeam bt Ed 'Tungsten Fingers' Howarth

Semi Finals
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt bt Steven 'The Warrior' Waslin
Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt bt Pete 'Splash' Mungeam

Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt bt James 'Frankendart' Hewitt

Players and Points

Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt - 10pts
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt - 8pts
Pete 'Splash' Mungeam - 6pts
Steven 'The Warrior' Waslin - 6pts
Claude 'Ze Frog' Rossi - 4pts
Ed 'Tungsten Fingers' Howarth - 4pts
'The Heatseeker' - 4pts
'The Duke' - 4pts
Declan 'The Rage' McGill - 2pts
'The Hero' - 2pts
Charlie 'Be My Valentine' Ballentine - 2pts
Phil 'The Captain' Morgan - 2pts