James 'Frankendart' Hewitt Wins Bermuda Classic 2016

'The Heatseeker' Gets The Most Rendered and Wins The Jocky Award

Old Alleynians Rugby Ground, Dulwich - 17 Jun 2016
Dress: Elton John

Many thanks to all the players who made it to the BERMUDA CLASSIC 2016.

Big shout especially to Jono, who drove down to attend three hours early, clearly did his prep on the outfit (see below), lost every game he played, but very kindly (eventually) allowed his Toyota Aygo to be used as a mobile disco / lighting system. Top effort!

Congratulations to James 'Frankendart' Hewitt, who made a barnstorming return to the shores of Blighty to sweep all before him - winning the fabled Bermudan Dart Fish trophy (which I forgot to bring along with me...) and losing only one leg of darts in the process - and all this whilst playing the latter stages of the competition in near total darkness (save for the Aygo's headlights):

Congratulations also to Dan 'Candle In The Wind' Rigby, who 'broke his duck' and won his first ever leg!

Tarqs has very kindly updated LardyDarts.com with all the stats from the competition, including a number of photos that really showcase the spectacular backdrop to the tournament: http://lardydarts.com/competition.aspx?id=49

Finally, I leave you with this image, which would almost make me willing to risk a press injunction myself. COO-EY!

See you at the Dulwich Area Masters!

Yours in darts,

The Heatseeker

Jocky Award Winner: 'The Heatseeker'

Chunder in House of Tippler - serves them right!



Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

Group Round 1 - Elton
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt
'The Hero'
Chris 'The Glutton' Lowther

Group Round 1 - David
'The Heatseeker'
Dan 'Rock Steady' Rigby
Declan 'The Rage' McGill
Jono 'El 8 Bal' Seward

First Round
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt bt 'The Hero'
Chris 'The Glutton' Lowther bt 'The Hero'
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt bt Chris 'The Glutton' Lowther
Declan 'The Rage' McGill bt Jono 'El 8 Bal' Seward
Dan 'Rock Steady' Rigby bt Jono 'El 8 Bal' Seward
'The Heatseeker' bt Jono 'El 8 Bal' Seward
Declan 'The Rage' McGill bt Dan 'Rock Steady' Rigby
Declan 'The Rage' McGill bt 'The Heatseeker'
'The Heatseeker' bt Dan 'Rock Steady' Rigby

Semi Finals
Chris 'The Glutton' Lowther bt Declan 'The Rage' McGill
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt bt 'The Heatseeker'

James 'Frankendart' Hewitt bt Chris 'The Glutton' Lowther

Players and Points

James 'Frankendart' Hewitt - 9pts
Chris 'The Glutton' Lowther - 7pts
'The Heatseeker' - 5pts
Declan 'The Rage' McGill - 5pts
Jono 'El 8 Bal' Seward - 3pts
Dan 'Rock Steady' Rigby - 3pts
'The Hero' - 3pts