Simon 'Sureshot' Dudson Wins Dulwich Area Masters 2004

Old Alleynians Football Ground, Dulwich - 20 Oct 2004
Dress: Hillbillies

Jocky Award Winner: empty



Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

Group Round 1 - Rebs
'The Hero'
Simon 'Sureshot' Dudson
Simon 'The Master' Moss
Kingsley 'The Ashman' Ash
Chris 'The Duchess' Ferguson
Ed 'Feng Shui' Hay
'The Heatseeker'

Group Round 1 - Yankees
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt
Jim 'Quick Draw' Barnes
Darren 'Mad Dog' Mort
Matt 'Smart Dart' Hart
Ed 'Tungsten Fingers' Howarth
'The Matador'
Declan 'The Rage' McGill

Players and Points

Simon 'Sureshot' Dudson - 9pts
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt - 7pts
'The Hero' - 5pts
Jim 'Quick Draw' Barnes - 5pts
'The Matador' - 3pts
Ed 'Tungsten Fingers' Howarth - 3pts
Kingsley 'The Ashman' Ash - 3pts
'The Heatseeker' - 3pts
Declan 'The Rage' McGill - 3pts
Matt 'Smart Dart' Hart - 3pts
Simon 'The Master' Moss - 3pts
Ed 'Feng Shui' Hay - 3pts
Chris 'The Duchess' Ferguson - 3pts
Darren 'Mad Dog' Mort - 3pts