Pete 'Splash' Mungeam

Pete 'Splash' Mungeam


Player Played Won Lost Win %
Ed 'Tungsten Fingers' Howarth 2 2 0 100
James 'Frankendart' Hewitt 1 0 1 0
Andy 'The Chaos' Grinham 2 0 2 0
Chris 'Galactico' Hewitt 1 0 1 0


Pete 'Splash' Mungeam has the weakest bladder in darts. Fact! Splash first picked up a set of darts at the early age of three and promptly punctured his bladder with his first “angry” dart. Ever the competitor and inflicted with the worst injury a life-long darts fan can posses Pete trained hard and fast strengthening his will against the constant mental torturery his must ensure whilst standing 7ft 9 ¼ inches from the hallowed board. This training has paid off and Pete's quality can now be ranked up there with many of the best at LARD – average.

Favourite Double: any
AKA: Slackbladder
Points: 10.00
Rank: 5
Match Win %: 33.33% (Played: 6, Won: 2)
Group Win %: 44% (Played: 18, Won: 8, Ranking: 27)

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