'Quick Draw' Wins Lard 2007

Pub nr Borough High Street?? - 20 Jan 2007

Jocky Award Winner: na



Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

First Round
'Frankendart' bt 'The Rage'
'Tungsten Fingers' bt 'The Duchess'
'Zinger' bt 'The Claw'
'The Matador' bt 'The Warrior'
'Quick Draw' bt 'The Hero'

Quarter Finals
'Frankendart' bt 'Tungsten Fingers'
'The Heatseeker' bt 'Ze Frog'
'El 8 Ball' bt 'Zinger'
'Quick Draw' bt 'The Matador'

Semi Finals
'Frankendart' bt 'The Heatseeker'
'Quick Draw' bt 'El 8 Ball'

'Quick Draw' bt 'Frankendart'

Players and Points

'Quick Draw' - 10pts
'Frankendart' - 8pts
'El 8 Ball' - 6pts
'The Heatseeker' - 6pts
'The Matador' - 4pts
'Tungsten Fingers' - 4pts
'Ze Frog' - 4pts
'Zinger' - 4pts
'The Warrior' - 2pts
'The Claw' - 2pts
'The Duchess' - 2pts
'The Rage' - 2pts
'The Hero' - 2pts