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Getting a Nine Dart Finish
Best ways to get a 9 dart finish. Lots of options and videos.
Dart board height
Often wonder what the correct height for a dart board is? Well here is the answer: 5ft 8in.
What distance is the oche in darts?
Need to know how to set up a dart board? Use this method to help you out.
What are the other lines on a darts oche for?
Answer to: What are the other lines on a dartboard used for?
Darts outshots and finishes
List of all dart outshots and finishes. 2 and 3 darts finishes from 170 to 3.
What is the heightest outshot with 3 darts?
The toughest 3 darts in the game. Getting a 170 darts outshout with just 3 darts.
What is the heightest outshot with 2 darts?
Only got two darts left and need a finish? How can i get the highest score with just two darts.
When is the PDC world darts championships held?
Darts answers. Want to know when the PDC world champs starts?

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