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'The Matador' Wins LARD 2019

Venue: The Wheatsheaf, Borough
Date: 18 Dec 2019
Theme: Wolfie Adams' Glasses
LARD 2020

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LARD 2020

Venue: TBC
Date: 01 Dec 2020
Theme: TBC
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Random Player of the Day

'Feng Shui'%> 'Feng Shui'
Rank: 24
Favourite Double: Whisky or Double 1
Profile: Having moved back to his native Somerset 4 years ago this extraordinarily average player returns for Lard X 2010 to claim back his coveted 15th position in the rankings. Not content to sit around and mope about his untimely fall through the rankings he co-devised the TWAT rebel tournament (in the west country) with other Madhouse favourite - James ‘Twat Master’ Brooking. This feeble attempt to secure some valuable ranking points, recognition and pride has somewhat backfired with early exits for both players in all 3 tournaments due to stress on the Oche and the unending shots of the Captain’s finest.
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