Sid Waddell Darts Quotes

Classic Sid Waddell Quotes from Down The Ages

Sid Waddell is a true darts legend. Well known for his famous quotes and turn of phase Sid has coined many of the darts sayings we all use when standing on the oche. A Cambridge Graduate and king commentator Sid has been working on the BDO, PDC circuit for over 25 years and you can still hear him on premier league darts. Below are some of Sid Waddell's famous darts sayings. Enjoy and may the darts be with you.

Bristow reasons . . . Bristow quickens ... Aaah, Bristow.

Jockey Wilson . . . What an athlete.

That was like throwing three pickled onions into a thimble!

He's playing out of his pie crust.

They won't just have to play outta their skin to beat Phil Taylor.They'll
have to play outta their essence!

Darts players are probably a lot fitter than most footballers in overall
body strength.

There's no one quicker than these two tungsten tossers...

He's about as predictable as a Wasp on speed

Look at the man go, its like trying to stop a waterbuffalo with a

The atmosphere is so tense, if Elvis walked in, with a portion of chips...
you could hear the vinegar sizzle on them

His face is sagging with tension.


The fans now, with their eyes pierced on the dart board.

He's been burning the midnight oil at both ends.

That's like giving Dracula the keys to the blood bank

As they say at the DHSS, we're getting the full benefit here.

He is as slick as minestrone soup

There hasn't been this much excitement since the Romans fed the Christians
to the Lions.

Keith Deller's not just an underdog, he's an underpuppy!

I don't know what he's had for breakfast but Taylor knocked the
Snap,Crackle and Pop outta Bristow

Even Hypotenuse would have trouble working out these angles

Steve Beaton - The adonis of darts, what poise, what elegance - a true
roman gladiator with plenty of hair wax.

If you're round your auntie's tonig