The John Thomas Prize for Outofitness

Jocky Wilson was the thirstiest man ever to play darts - fact! The twice world champion was known for his prodigious drinking ability and is rumoured not to have remembered winning the second of these. Although the members of Lardydarts do not pretend to possess his skills with either the tungsten or pint glass we honour the man who gave meaning to our tri-anneal sessions.

John Thomas Wilson (22 March 1950 - 24 March 2012) - We salute you but drink responsibly, Captain's orders.

LARD 2019: 'Sureshot'


LARD 2017: 'Frankendart'

Dulwich Area Masters 2016: 'The Glutton'

Bermuda Classic 2016: 'The Heatseeker'

Chunder in House of Tippler - serves them right!

Dulwich Area Masters 2015: 'The Rage'

One of the tougher calls

LARD 2015: 'The Rage'

Decs again

Dulwich Area Masters 2014: 'The Chaos'

Someone buy me a re-fridg-erator

Bermuda Classic 2014: 'Frankendart'

Dulwich Area Masters 2013: 'The Rage'

LARD XIII: 'The Rage'

Block of LARD

Dulwich Area Masters X-Rated: 'The Duke'

What a dodger

Bermuda Classic 2012: 'The Rage'

I can see a house party from here with these beauties

LARD XII: 'The Terrorist'

Dulwich Area Masters IX: 'The Heatseeker'

Ladles of port anyone?

LARD XI: 'Frankendart'

Hot legs Hewitt

Dulwich Area Masters 2010: 'The Hero'

The fatherland

Bermuda Classic 2010: 'The Rage'

The start of JuJu

Lard X: 'The Rage'

It is not try but do, or get shitted instead!

Bermuda Classic 2009: 'The Rage'

Peter Pan wets himself.

Lard 2009: 'The Heatseeker'

Colin Montgomergy transforms into Ian Woosnam

Dulwich Area Masters 2008: 'The Hero'

Lard 2008: 'The Matador'

Mango, Mango, Mango

Dulwich Area Masters 2006: 'The Hero'

Lazors, Lazors

Bermuda Classic 2006: 'The Rage'

Declan receives his lifetime achievement award for continual renderness.

Dulwich Area Masters 2005: 'T-Master'

Lard 2004: Jesus

The largest implosion known to darts! mmm. Nice trousers, i'll have them

Dulwich Area Masters 2003: 'The Heatseeker'

Bermuda Classic 2003: 'Frankendart'

Er,toilet roll is not a scarf!

jocky wilson loves pints
Er, that's slow play Jocky (RIP). Drink up and give yourself one shot of Captain Morgan's throat ripping rum!

Drink responsibly, Captain's orders
"Drink responsibly, Captain's orders" - see finage