The Rules

In the words of some crazy fool "This ain't (Viet) 'nam man, there is rooles!":

  1. Latecomers
    Players are to be at the venue for 2pm on the date of the tournament.*
  2. Dirty Darts
    Having finished their throw at the oche, players are not to leave their darts in the board.*
  3. Angry Darts
    Noone likes missing a double and going bust, but then again noone likes to see a grown man throw his toys out the pram. If your go is over, leave the oche.*
  4. Nicknames
    All players must arrive with a nickname.*
  5. ASBO
    ASBO’s will be served on anyone who commits the following acts*:
    • Physical interference with play
    • Intimidation on the oche
    • Drinking Chardonnay with ladies the night before a tournament.
  6. Slow Play
    All players must consume at least one pint per 60 minutes of play.**
    In order to ensure that there are no ‘go slow’ tactics a member of The Trident will sound a BONG on the hour, whereby ALL players will be required to refill their pint glass.
  7. A good game is a quick game New!
    You couldn't borrow your mates PE kit in primary school and you can't share darts during a match***

* Fineage = One shot of Captain Morgan's throat ripping rum.

**Fineage = Any player found to be ‘playing slow’ will be given a fuel injecting 2 shots of Captain Morgan’s throat ripping rum

***Fineage = Player will be instructed to play with their shoes, socks and trousers removed and their shirt tucked into their underpants. For dutch courage the player will also be provided with one shot of Captain Morgan's throat ripping rum

Bruce - A quick game's a quick game
"A good game is a quick game" - see rule 7

Drink responsibly, Captain's orders
"Drink responsibly, Captain's orders" - see finage