'The Matador' Wins Lard 2008

'The Matador' Gets The Most Rendered and Wins The Jocky Award

Horsehoe Inn, Bermondsea?? - 20 Jan 2008
Dress: African Nations Cup
it's all about the mango!

Jocky Award Winner: 'The Matador'

Mango, Mango, Mango



Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

Group Round 1 - Lagos
'Smart Dart'
'The Matador'
'The Hero'
'El 8 Ball'
'The Maverick'

Group Round 1 - Cairo
'Quick Draw'
'The Rage'
'The Ashman'
'The Heatseeker'

Semi Finals
'The Matador' bt 'Frankendart'
'Smart Dart' bt 'Quick Draw'

'The Matador' bt 'Smart Dart'

Players and Points

'The Matador' - 10pts
'Smart Dart' - 8pts
'Frankendart' - 6pts
'Quick Draw' - 6pts
'The Rage' - 4pts
'The Hero' - 4pts
'The Ashman' - 4pts
'El 8 Ball' - 4pts
'The Heatseeker' - 2pts
'The Maverick' - 2pts