The Duke Wins Bermuda Classic 2010

The Horseshoe, Clerkenwell - 14 Aug 2010
Dress: Druids
The Bermuda Classic will this year be held on Saturday the 14 of August. Venue TBC, but likely to be the same pub as LARD X (, where they will hopefully agree to me assembling an outdoor darts arena in their pub garden. As you can see from the rankings (, The Rage is still Top of the Pops, with newbie Luke 'Rent-a-gob' Roberts close behind. Rumours that Tarqs has been attending a secret high-altitude training camp in Spain for the past month are as yet to be confirmed, but he's sure to want to maintain his technically accurate, but increasingly less impressive 'unbeaten outdoors since 2004' claim... The fancy dress theme will be 'Druids'. Please let me know if you are able to attend. Yours in tungsten brotherhood, John 'Getafix' Hartley

The Rage Gets The Most Rendered and Wins The Jocky Award

The start of JuJu


Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

First Round
Ze Frog bt The Hero
The Duke bt The Rage
The Rage bt The Hero
The Duke bt Ze Frog
The Rage bt Ze Frog
The Hero bt The Duke
'Rocky of the Oche' bt Be My Valentine
The Heatseeker bt The Admiral
The Heatseeker bt 'Rocky of the Oche'
Be My Valentine bt The Admiral
The Heatseeker bt Be My Valentine
'Rocky of the Oche' bt The Admiral

Semi Finals
The Duke bt 'Rocky of the Oche'
The Rage bt The Heatseeker

The Duke bt The Rage

Plate Semi Final
The Hero bt The Admiral
Be My Valentine bt Ze Frog

Plate Final
The Hero bt Be My Valentine

Players and Points

The Duke - 9 pts
The Rage - 7 pts
'Rocky of the Oche' - 5 pts
The Heatseeker - 5 pts
The Hero - 4 pts
Be My Valentine - 3 pts
The Admiral - 2 pts
Ze Frog - 2 pts