The Hero Wins LARD XII

The Wheatsheaf, Borough - 07 Jan 2012
Dress: Eastern Block

Congratulations to our 2012 LARD Champion!

Top darts across the board from 'Alfrescov' made him the first dartist to win all 3 Championships. A mighty achievement indeed.

Well done to one and all for making the Motherland proud.


Red 'Drago' Rage

Drink The Tray...Drink The Tray

The Terrorist Gets The Most Rendered and Wins The Jocky Award


Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

Group Round 1 - Lenin
The Chaos
Tungsten Fingers

Group Round 1 - Stalin
The Duke
The Terrorist
The Master
The Heatseeker

Group Round 1 - Gorbachov
The Maverick
The Hero
The Rage

First Round
The Chaos bt Splash
Splash bt Tungsten Fingers
Frankendart bt Splash
The Chaos bt Tungsten Fingers
The Chaos bt Frankendart
Frankendart bt Tungsten Fingers
The Terrorist bt The Duke
The Duke bt The Master
The Duke bt The Heatseeker
The Terrorist bt The Master
The Heatseeker bt The Master
The Heatseeker bt The Terrorist
The Hero bt The Maverick
The Hero bt The Rage
The Rage bt The Maverick

Quarter Finals
The Chaos bt Splash
The Hero bt The Terrorist
The Heatseeker bt The Duke
Frankendart bt The Rage

Semi Finals
The Hero bt The Chaos
The Heatseeker bt Frankendart

The Hero bt The Heatseeker

Players and Points

The Hero - 10 pts
The Heatseeker - 8 pts
The Chaos - 6 pts
Frankendart - 6 pts
The Duke - 4 pts
The Terrorist - 4 pts
The Rage - 4 pts
Splash - 4 pts
The Master - 2 pts
Tungsten Fingers - 2 pts
The Maverick - 2 pts