'Feng Shui' Wins Dulwich Area Masters 2003

'The Heatseeker' Gets The Most Rendered and Wins The Jocky Award

47 Oglander Road, East Dulwich - 20 Oct 2003
Dress: Cowboys and Indians
1st DAM

Jocky Award Winner: 'The Heatseeker'



Player in italics progressed into the next round (only corresponds to group games)

Group Round 1 - Injuns
'The Hero'
'Smart Dart'
'The Heatseeker'
'Feng Shui'
'The Rage'
'The Matador'

Group Round 1 - Cowboys
'The Terrorist'
'El 8 Ball'
'Mad Dog'
'The Tungsten Tiger'

First Round
'The Heatseeker' bt 'The Hero'
'The Heatseeker' bt 'Feng Shui'
'Smart Dart' bt 'The Heatseeker'
'The Heatseeker' bt 'The Rage'
'The Heatseeker' bt 'Frankendart'
'Feng Shui' bt 'The Hero'
'The Hero' bt 'Smart Dart'
'The Rage' bt 'The Hero'
'The Matador' bt 'The Hero'
'The Hero' bt 'Frankendart'
'Feng Shui' bt 'Smart Dart'
'Feng Shui' bt 'The Rage'
'Feng Shui' bt 'The Matador'
'Feng Shui' bt 'The Heatseeker'
'Smart Dart' bt 'The Rage'
'The Matador' bt 'Smart Dart'
'Smart Dart' bt 'Frankendart'
'The Rage' bt 'The Matador'
'The Heatseeker' bt 'The Rage'
'Frankendart' bt 'The Matador'
'Frankendart' bt 'The Rage'
'Bullyseye' bt 'The Terrorist'
'El 8 Ball' bt 'The Terrorist'
'Mad Dog' bt 'The Terrorist'
'Sureshot' bt 'The Terrorist'
'Bullyseye' bt 'El 8 Ball'
'Mad Dog' bt 'Bullyseye'
'Sureshot' bt 'Bullyseye'
'Bullyseye' bt 'The Tungsten Tiger'
'Mad Dog' bt 'El 8 Ball'
'El 8 Ball' bt 'Sureshot'
'El 8 Ball' bt 'The Tungsten Tiger'
'Sureshot' bt 'Mad Dog'
'Mad Dog' bt 'The Tungsten Tiger'
'The Tungsten Tiger' bt 'Sureshot'
'The Terrorist' bt 'The Tungsten Tiger'

Semi Finals
'Feng Shui' bt 'Mad Dog'
'Bullyseye' bt 'The Heatseeker'

'Feng Shui' bt 'Bullyseye'

Players and Points

'Feng Shui' - 9pts
'Bullyseye' - 7pts
'The Heatseeker' - 5pts
'Mad Dog' - 5pts
'Sureshot' - 3pts
'The Terrorist' - 3pts
'El 8 Ball' - 3pts
'The Rage' - 3pts
'Smart Dart' - 3pts
'The Hero' - 3pts
'The Matador' - 3pts
'Frankendart' - 3pts
'The Tungsten Tiger' - 3pts