Darts outshots and finishes

Darts outshots or Darts Finishes are one of the toughest part of darts. With "darts maths" often the most frustrating aspects getting it right can be the difference between winning or losing a leg.

Bobby George famously memorised all the outshots so he didn't have to do any maths and that works for a lot of people and it probably will for you too.

Learning some of the darts maths techniques though will push you that little bit further and give you a bit of an edge.

Here is a list of the most common outshots for each 2 dart and 3 dart finishes, starting with the maximum 170 finish.

They aren't definitive and many people have their own take on them as did Bobby George with his 9 dart finishes.

Sit down, learn these outshots and become a better player!
170 T20, T20, Bullseye167 T20, T19, Bullseye164 T20, T18, Bullseye
161 T20, T17, Bullseye160 T20, T20, D20158 T20, T20, D19
157 T20, T19, D20156 T20, T20, D18155 T20, T19, D19
154 T20, T18, D20153 T20, T19, D18152 T20, T20, D16
151 T20, T17, D20150 T20, T18, D18149 T20, T19, D16
148 T20, T20, D14147 T20, T17, D18146 T20, T18, D16
145 T20, T19, D14144 T20, T20, D12143 T19, T18, D16
142 T20, T14, D20141 T20, T19, D12140 T20, T20, D10
139 T19, T14, D20138 T20, T18, D12137 T20, T19, D10
136 T20, T20, D8135 T20, T17, D12134 T20, T14, D16
133 T20, T19, D8132 T20, T16, D12131 T20, T13, D16
130 T20, T18, D8129 T19, T16, D12128 T18, T14, D16
127 T20, T17, D8126 T19, T15, D12125 T18, T13, D16
124 T20, T16, D8123 T19, T14, D12122 T18, T18, D7
121 T20, T11, D14120 T20, S20, D20119 T19, T12, D13
118 T20, S18, D20117 T20, S17,D20116 T20, S16, D20
115 T19, S18, D20114 T20, S14, D20113 T19, S16, D20
112 T20, T12, D8111 T19, S14, D20110 T20, S10, D20
109 T20, S9, D20108 T19, S19, D16107 T20, S15, D16
106 T20, S6, D20105 T19, S8, D20104 T20, T12, D4
103 T17, S12, D20102 T20, S10, D16101 T17, S10, D20
100 T20, D2099 T19, S10, D1698 T20, D19
97 T19, D2096 T20, D1895 T19, D19
94 T18, D2093 T19, D1892 T20, D16
91 T17, D2091 T17, D2089 T19, D16
88 T16, D2087 T17, D1886 T18, D16
85 T15, D2084 T20, D1283 T17, D16
82 T14, D2081 T19, D1280 T20, D10
79 T13, D2078 T18, D1277 T15, D16
76 T20, D875 T17, D1274 T14, D16
73 T19, D872 T16, D1271 T13, D16
70 T18, D869 T19, D668 T20, D4
67 T17, D866 T14, D1265 T19, D4
64 T16, D863 T13, D1262 T10, D16
61 T15, D860 S20, D2059 S19, D20
58 S18, D2057 S17, D2056 T16, D4
55 S15, D2054 S14, D2053 S12, D20
52 S12, D2051 S11, D2050 S10, D20
49 S9, D2048 S8, D2047 S15, D16
46 S14, D1645 S13, D1644 S12, D16
43 S11, D1642 S10, D1641 S9, D16
39 S7, D1637 S5, D1635 S3, D16
33 S1, D1631 S7, D1229 S13, D8
27 S11, D825 S9, D823 S7, D8
21 S5 ,D819 S3, D817 S13, D2
15 S7, D413 S5, D411 S3, D4
9 S1, D47 S3, D25 S1, D2
3 S1, D1